Green Hill Steel Skipping Rope

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Greenhill's multipurpose steel jump rope is most promising, economical addition to fitness range. Contoured Wooden handle ensures faster movement of rope. Its ultra versatile design makes it highly recommendable for training. Steel rope provides ideal weight for beginners by putting less stress on joints and approximately burns 10-16 calories per minute. It is also suitable for advanced athletes who want their rope to spin at higher rate so they can do tricks like cross fit, free style jumping, double under and fancy hand movements etc. This calorie cooker fitness rope not only helps in losing weight naturally but is also useful for Boxing and Martial arts trainers for stamina and endurance buildup. It helps in improving coordination, quickness, endurance, footwork and agility. Future fighters can use this skipping rope in their conditioning and strength workouts. This high speed skipping rope maximizes your workout by pushing your cardiovascular system to limits. Continuous use can increase your bone density and muscle endurance.


  • This steel jumping rope with wooden handles is less likely to twist and ensures faster movement of rope helps in burning calories quickly and naturally. Besides burning calories it has the ability to improve coordination and strength in boxing and martial arts training. Steel Jump rope is recommendable for beginners, being lighter in weight, it puts less pressure on joints.
  • It not only ensures speed jumping but is also suitable for cross fits, double under, fancy hand movement, free style jumping, Straddle Cross, cross over, heel to heel , toe to toe, heel to toe, arm wrap, shuffle and can can etc
  • Because of ideal weight and low friction it is ideal for beginners and for athletes who wants to enhance speed of leg, coordination and footwork which helps them to gain confidence in ring.
  • It not only provides full body workout but also enhances coordination, cardio vascular health, increases bone density. It also helps in toning muscles, developing thighs, improves hip-flexor muscles and skin.
  • It can be used in Boxing and Martial Arts, MMA trainings for strength, stamina and endurance buildup and as skipping rope workout. Durable nature makes them exceptionally suitable for indoor and outdoor activities.


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