Green Hill Wrecking Bag Filled

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Do you want to take your techniques and practice to the next level? Green hill present another advanced genuine leather high tech-wrecking bag to get you all jacked up for your magnificent ring performance. Its tough genuine leather construction allows athlete to go hard with their practice sessions. Genuine leather combined with Z-M strengthening finish makes it remarkably resistant to wrinkles and stains. The curvature of the wrecking bag allows different angles for your punches and kicks, bringing betterment in athlete’s pugilistic skills. Its ergonomic design does not just help in developing strength, rhythm and power but also improves coordination, timing, accuracy and hand quickness. Besides just being a badass boxing training partner it can be used as workout tool for stronger muscles and muscle toning. Durable cow grain leather construction with KMT- advanced interior stitching makes this bag nearly indestructible. If you are looking for trust worthy training partner than body snatcher is ideal for you.


Its tough genuine leather construction does not just add durability to its nature but also being skin friendly it save athlete’s from skin tears, itches and knuckle pain. Genuine leather combined with strengthening finishing treatment makes it nearly indestructible and remarkably resistant to wrinkles and stains.

This wrecking bag athlete gives athlete more nature angles, resulting in improved upper cuts, elbow strikes, jabs, knee strikes and defense techniques like blocking, parrying, rolling and slipping. Its versatile design allows it be used as workout tool for toning muscles and strengthening arms,shoulders.

Cotton fiber filling gives this multipurpose bag an ideal weight a reliable boxing training bag need to have ,helping athlete in improving rhythm, timing, accuracy, power, coordination.

Stainless steel chains make the movement of training bag a delight for beginners as well as for advanced athletes. It can be hanged as per the needs and height of athlete giving athlete the feeling of real competition.

It is constructed to improve your overall fighting techniques its adaptable design makes it equally useful for MMA, Martial Arts, Judo, Kick Boxing, Thai Kick Boxing training and Heavy Bag Workouts.


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