Green Hill Sauna Suit With Zip

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Are you looking for an easy way of losing weight? Green hill has got you covered on this. This 100% pure nylon constructed Sauna suit is most promising addition in the fitness accessories range. Interior finishing helps you sweat buckets without doing much and burns more calories. It boasts person’s metabolism by increasing blood circulation so you can lose weight quickly. Besides using it as a fitness suit for weight loss it can be worn in extreme cold weather to keep your body warm. The transferring of essential nutrients with increased blood flow to your muscles increases your ability to train for boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, Martial Arts etc.


Made from supreme quality Nylon offers high tenacity, exceptional strength and unbeatable durability. Premium Nylon material renowned for high quality, flexibility and abrasion resistant. it gives the look and feel of silk, strength and elasticity is not lost with age.

GXT-knitting technology enhances durability, functionality and usability over long term of use. Reinforced stitching bond aids in maintaining its elasticity and flexibility in extreme temperatures. It is best choice for athlete looking to tone up and shed extra weight.

These nylon coated sweat suits make the athlete sweat profusely and shed water weight quickly. Primarily designed to lose weight by trapping body heat perfect choice for wrestlers, boxers and martial artists to quickly drop pounds by burning excessive calories.

Formulated with RXT-micro fiber construction makes it ultra light weight and easy to carry. Anatomically shaped design aids in sweating out toxins and waste from your body. Elasticated cuffs and waist band traps heat and aids you in taking off pounds in only a matter of hours.

This multipurpose  ultra light weight, nylon build fitness suit with GXT-Knitting technology aids in boasting metabolism and physical endurance ideal for aerobic workout in psoriasis treatment and perfectly suitable for boxers, wrestler and martial artists.



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