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Greenhill’s FIAS approved Sambo Suit is a great addition to the Greenhill Sambo gear range.100% Cotton construction makes it hard-wearing, durable and resilient to shrinking and wrinkles. Machine washable, dry cleanable fabric is exceptionally suitable to be used for long haul and gives maximum strength to cloth. GFK-Knitting technology gives this Sambo Gi longevity, strength and long lasting stability. Breathable fabric keeps the air circulation throughout the whole build, for cooler and drier training sessions. Medicated with KXT-Anti microbial treatment fights bacterial growth keeping the sweat and odour at bay. Great Tailored fittings and long sleeves contoured to the athlete’s body structure without restricting the range of motion. Sambo Shorts feature an elastic waistband with additional drawstring offer customizable fit.


Crafted from 100% cotton gives this Sambo uniform an exceptional ability to control moisture, promote durability and provide optimal comfort. Biodegradable, sustainable, recyclable, making it an excellent choice as an environmentally friendly fiber throughout its entire life cycle. Cotton build allows it to breathe more easily without losing its shape.

GFK-Knitting technology with multiple cross stitching gives the ultimate durability and stability. This Sambo suit is developed with regard for specifically active and dynamic us. Strong seams and protruding strips on shoulder are raised for greater comfort and mobility. Lapels and belt loops on Sambovka have additional seams and special lining.

KXT-Anti microbial Treatment aids to break down bacteria as it grows, killing the smell at its conception. Anti-microbial properties fight offensive odor, bacterial growth, germs and microbes, keeping your Sambo Gi smelling fresh.

Light weight design doesn’t tax the Sambo Practitioner with needless burden, offering enhanced mobility. Breathable fabric alleviate sweat during training and allowing the Martial art uniform to dry quicker and more efficiently for greater comfort. Hypoallergenic nature of cotton minimizes the possibility of allergic reactions.

FIAS Approved, 100% Cotton build with reinforced stitching, Lightweight design, and great tailored fitting makes it an ideal Sambo Uniform for Sambo Practitioners. Perfectly suitable to be used in training and Combat Sambo alike.



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