Green Hill Punching Bag Leather Giant Filled

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Greenhill Punching Bag is a vital addition to the Greenhill Training accessory range. Constructed from Supreme quality genuine leather, gives it a life-long durability, stability and enhanced functionality. This heavy Punch Bag improves reflexes, speed, balance, Hand-Eye coordination, striking techniques, self-defense techniques, jab, cross punch, punching drill. Its rigid and sturdy design with embedded anti-shock technology makes it ideal for beginners and combat athletes of all sports. Armed with High grade shock absorbing striking foam surface offers superior impact absorption and recoil. Lightening fast rebounds from the heaviest strikes improves agility, faster hand movements and overall performance of the athlete. Light weight design with inflatable bladder and easy assembling for convenience.



Made from extra thick, top grade genuine leather makes it economical, reliable, durable, easily cleanable, and abrasion resistant and skin friendly. It improves athlete’s power, protection, footwork drill, boxing moves; faster hand speed and fighting technique with enhanced functionality and exceptional stability.

Shock absorbing technology encased with PU foam padding for improved shock dissimilation and supreme comfort. Added Base padding offers pro level impact dispersion and optimal protection.

This Punching bag is best for cardio, core stability, technique- building, stress relief, boosting punching power, full body workout. It provides optimal resistance to punches, kicks, strikes and is exceptionally suitable for the training of Boxing, Sparring, MMA, Martial Arts, Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo, Aikido, BJJ and Fitness workouts.

Advanced GKL-Stitching technology reinforced with lock seam adds long-lasting durability and enables it to withstand countless training sessions.




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