Green Hill Mouth Guard Absolute

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Green Hill's insanely adjustable revolutionary latex-free mouth guard is surrounded by a rigid outer rubber shield for maximized jaw protection. Soft acrylic gel fit liner provides superior protection to athlete during intense training as well as in competitions. Admirable Rubber constructed Greenhill mouth guard has plenty of room for your tongue to move and ensures easy communication. It allows for less-obstructed breathing as well, so you can reach your peak aerobic performance. Its anti-slip design provides snugness at its perfection and allows augmented athletic performance without having to worry about readjustment. Embedded anti-microbial properties prevent bacteria build-up. This mouth protector can save the athlete from brutal impacts. The Greenhill gum shield works well for all contact sports, so you can take it from the football field to the wrestling mat. It is extremely chew-resistant, so if you're the type to gnaw on your mouthpiece during breaks in the action, this will be ideal for you. This Gum protector is recommendable for boxers or MMA practitioners, as it's great at dispersing impacts, enables you to take a punch and walk away with your teeth intact. It stays in place well, so you won't have to worry about constantly needing to readjust it.


Non-toxic, durable, recyclable gum shield not only ensures maximized protection but also prevents bacterial infections. The Greenhill's Gum protector is ideal for boxers or MMA practitioners, as it's great at dispersing impacts, enables you to take a punch and walk away with your teeth intact.

This medical grade latex, taste and odor free Mouth Guard has enough room for tongue to move and talk. Curved surface ensures unobstructed breathability.

As it is great at dispersing impacts with extended width coverage it prevents jaw and gum injuries. The priority of this versatile greenhill mouth guard is its soft acrylic gel filling which provides superior protection to athlete during high performance sporting activities.

Exceptional rubber construction makes this gum shield super flexible, light weight and easy to carry. Light weight design ensures less trainer fatigue and removes the extra burden. 

Ideal for training and professional baseball, boxing, mixed martial arts, football (soccer), gridiron football, puroresu, rugby, wrestling, lacrosse, basketball, figure skating, ice hockey, Australian football, under water hockey, snowboarding, water polo, skiing etc.



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