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Medicine ball built to Perfection! This Greenhill medicine ball is a pro addition to any core workout. Its genuine leather construction makes it durable and stubbornly resistant to the extreme wear and tear. An interior filling makes it incredibly well –balanced and helps it to retain its shape. No bounce anti-slip designed med ball is ideal for sit-ups, trunk twists, rolling push-ups, single leg squat and cardio workouts etc. its versatile design is ideal for beginners as well as advanced training. The perfect size of this medicine ball allows you to produce maximum velocity and force by maintaining desired neutral alignment, allow you to remain strong and stable. It improves coordination, builds strength, stamina and speed by adding resistance to strength training and polymetric exercise. This fabric filled double stitched medicine ball is constructed as per the needs of athletes .it’s easy-to-grip construction makes the holding, throwing and catching of ball easy. The three major elements of this med ball, economical feel, consistency of shape and ability to absorb impact makes it a best fitness partner. 


Tough Genuine Leather construction with advanced internal GKT-fabric filled mechanism, guarantees control and quality for many years to come. Its excellent genuine leather coating with multiple contrasting panels gives it a very stylish finish.

This Gym grade fitness ball offers superior grip during workouts in all conditions. Its rugged and meticulous design makes it ideal in most rigorous and prolonged workout sessions.

This gym grade fitness ball provides a variety of benefits to dummies and professional trainers by improving core stability, blood circulation, spinal health, posture, and muscle balance. It helps in easing back pain. This low impact workout tool improves your flexibility as well as cardiovascular system.

 Machine crafted with reinforced stitching makes it a best high velocity training partner. Its internal mechanism is designed to keep the load centered even after years of and continuous use.

This fitness ball is not only best for training or heavy-duty use but is equally suitable to be used in clubs, school and home. This exercise ball is ideal for fitness activities like squats, step jump, wall pass, shoulder press, V-up, Triceps extension, Biceps curl , pilates, yoga ,abs workout helps with rotational exercises and in endurance training to improve core strength and increases explosive power in athletes of all sports.


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