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<p>Medicine ball built to Perfection! This Greenhill medicine ball is a pro addition to any core workout. No bounce anti-slip designed med ball is ideal for sit-ups, trunk twists, rolling push-ups, single leg squat and cardio workouts, etc. The perfect size of this medicine ball allows you to produce maximum velocity and force by maintaining desired neutral alignment, allow you to remain strong and stable.</p>
<br>Its easy-to-grip construction makes the holding, throwing and catching of ball easy. The three major elements of this med ball, economical feel, consistency of shape and ability to absorb impact makes it the best fitness partner. This gym grade fitness ball provides a variety of benefits to dummies and professional trainers by improving core stability, blood circulation, spinal health, posture, and muscle balance. This exercise ball is ideal for fitness activities like squats, step jump, wall pass; Pilates etc workout helps with rotational exercises and in endurance training to improve core strength and increases explosive power in athletes of all sports.</br>
<br>Medicine ball made of top quality leather. Consecutive red and black panels<br />construction. Adjustable filling option to alter according to personal<br />requirement.</br>
<br><strong>Material :</strong> Genuine Leather (Filled with fabric)<br /><strong>Use :</strong> Training</p>

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