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Greenhill’s cup supporter is designed keeping in view the protection needs of athlete during high-impact sports. Its tough polyester construction allows it to stand well against stretching, shrinkage, mildew and wrinkles. Powered by medicated KLT-009 anti-microbial treatment to give athlete the comfort they deserve during high-impact sports or fitness and outdoor activities. It user friendly construction makes it machine washable and dry-cleanable. Inbuilt micro pores allow air contact keeping the surface dry and fresh for longer period of use. Wide elasticated waist band contours to the size of athlete’s waist without compromising comfort. Two elastic straps secure this cup supporter to its place so the athlete doesn’t have to go through constant readjustments. Its versatile design with no padded edges makes it equally useful to be worn as an undergarment for your routine activities. if you are looking for comfortable, flexible protection against impact then this cup supporter would be ideal for you. it comes in small ,medium ,large and extra large sizes.


Tough polyester construction fights against stretching, wrinkles, mildew and keeps it as new as possible for longer term of use. Advanced KlT-009 anti microbial finishing treatment gives this multipurpose cup supporter a defense mechanism against odor causing bacteria, keeping it fresh and odor free.

Laser crafted B-6 mesh holes keeps the air contact and gives athlete a fresh dry feeling even after several hours of training. It’s easy handling, tough construction with all necessary anti microbial properties makes it a trainer’s reliable partner.

Its ultra versatile design with no padded edges reduces friction against body and provides best possible comfort to the athlete not only during active training performance but also allows it go well with your routine activities.

2x-wide elasticated waist band with 2 elastic straps gives athlete a snug fit. It comes in small medium large and extra large sizes. 

As being super flexible, Comfortable, excellent protector it can be used as righteous training partner in Boxing, MMA, Martial Arts, Kick Boxing, and Thai Kick Boxing Training.


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