Green Hill Boxing Glove Ultra

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Before you are ready to get in the ring with the best in the business you need to train yourself that hard. Green Hill's pre-curved leather punching gloves will keep your hands in the right position to land punch after punch without damaging the joints. Green Hill's simple yet stylish looking professional training and kick boxing competition Ultra gloves are made from prime quality Cow Grain Genuine Leather with several layers of horse hair padding give maximum level of protection to the hands of athlete during competition and training. Ergonomically designed curve slit in the palms allows easy ventilation and keeps your hands dry, fresh and odour free. Wide hook and loop fastening system not only provides support to wrist but also keeps the glove in place. Top grade genuine leather with advanced J-Z stitching techniques these gloves has no match in durability.  If you are looking for commercial grade gloves that will last ages this would be a good choice for you.


The priority of this kick boxing competition glove is safety through combination of multi-layered padding filled with horse hair for a perfect punch. Innovative water proof lining prevents sweat to enter padding. Thumb lock to avoid accidental injury.

Made from genuine grain leather these gloves have no match in durability and usage. Hook and loop fastening system provides excellent support to wrists during kick boxing competition and training.

Being well in weight it helps the athlete in quick reflexes and eases the snap punches. Its light weight design not only makes it easy to carry but also causes less Trainer fatigue so you can train harder.

With a single DVA construction it offers a wide range of motion and superior ventilation that keeps the hands dry, fresh and odour free. The multi-layered horse hair padding not only disseminates shock but also stands up against extreme punishment without compromising comfort. Anti-slip, non-toxic, durable and easily cleanable design makes it a must-have.

Powered by GCRX-Curved Slit Palm with reinforced laces to limit the putting on time in the training. Its tough genuine leather construction combined with horse hair padding makes it ideal to be used in kick boxing Competitions and training.


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