Green Hill Arm Pad Ace

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Greenhill’s Ace arm pad is the most promising addition in the Greenhill training equipment range. Made from top grade HBG-Synthetic leather safeguarded with reinforced stitching, enhancing durability, stability and functionality. FGH-G TECH-009 finishing not only gives the look and feel of genuine leather but also makes it strong enough to last your entire training session. This kick shield can hold up to abuse augments athlete’s focus, punching and fighting techniques. Reinforced grip bar with top control bar not only aids in painless holding but also makes it stand firm against heavy kicking. Injected mould multi-layered padding disseminates the maximum impact of force to whole pad. Interior Y-009 cotton thread stitching holds the padding really well and helps in retaining its shape over time. Tough HBG- synthetic leather construction with straight thick design allows athlete to practice a lot more kicking than the curved one. Less bulky, faster moving kick pad makes it ideal kick shield for beginners.


Made from top synthetic leather, engineered to stand up to the toughest assaults by not succumbing to the pressure. Its straight thick shape allows the athlete to practice kicking as well as punching. FGH-G TECH-009 Finishing not only adds strength to this kicking shield but also gives the look and feel of leather.

 Dual cotton thread Y-009 stitching holds the padding firm together and the stronger striking side, make it exceptional impact absorbent. Thick padded shape promises improved form and endure heavy blows and kicking at pro-level.

This multipurpose Commercial grade Thai pad with advanced fiber-tech finishing makes it stand firm against wrinkles, stains. Injected mould multi-layered padding with cotton thread interior stitching not only helps in retaining its shape but also disseminates the impact to whole pad.

Reinforced grip bar with top control bar not only aids in painless holding but also makes it stand firm against heavy kicking. Top graded synthetic leather enhances durability, stability and functionality. Being ideal in weight, it can be used as home training or professional training accessory.

These kick pads make a perfect protection for blocking kicks, punches, elbow and knee strikes during training. It is equally suitable for both training boxers and combat athletes.


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