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Top 10 MMA Fighters from the Middle East

Mixed martial arts have been around for many decades, and its popularity seems to reach new heights daily. In the past few years, the world of UFC and other MMA leagues has seen an increase in the number of players worldwide. Middle Eastern countries have taken a particular interest in MMA, leading to the creation of various world-class fighters.

In this article, we will look at some of the best MMA fighters the Middle East has yet produced. All of these fighters have shown incredible feats of strength, endurance, and fighting technique in the ring.

Here are the top 10 MMA fighters from the Middle East that every fan of this sport needs to check out

  • Jarrah Al-Silawi

This fighter belongs to Jordan and is referred to as the Jordanian Lion by fans. Jarrah holds the record of being the very first Arab to ever compete in the Octagon. Jarrah has made it his mission to promote mixed martial arts in the Middle East.

Jarrah Al-Silawi


In 2018, Jarrah defeated Carlston Harris, becoming the champion of the welterweight division in the biggest MMA promotion in the Middle East, i.e., Brave Combat Federation.

  • Mounir Lazzez

Lazziz belongs to the city of Sfax and has Tunisian origins. He has been awarded the title of "the sniper" by fans for his accuracy, power, and immaculate mixed martial arts fighting technique. He holds a record of 11-3-0 and currently trains in Dubai, and is considered a formidable opponent in the welterweight division.

Mounir Lazzez


His UFC debut was in 2020, where he defeated Abdul Razzaq Alhassan. Owing to his outstanding fighting technique and style, various Arab magazines have referred to him as “the Eastern Connor McGregor” on several occasions.

  • Ali Al-Qaisi

Ali made his UFC debut in 2020 on the fighting island. He lives in Oman and has Jordanian roots. He holds a record of 8-5-0 and is considered a formidable fighter in the Bantamweight division.

Ali Al-Qaisi


Ali is very popular with Arabs generally and Jordanians particularly, who take pride in him and encourage him consistently.

  • Ahmad Labban

Ahmad Labban, widely known by his moniker "The Shadow," hails from Lebanon and has established himself as a prominent male contender in the field of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). He has a commendable professional record of 13 wins and 5 losses.

Ahmad Labban


Notably, Labban's most recent bout took place at BRAVE CF 65 on October 28, 2022, where he engaged in a riveting 175 lbs catchweight confrontation against Carl Booth. In a display of skill and determination, Ahmad Labban secured victory by Decision at the culmination of Round 3, affirming his prowess within the sport. 

  • Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady

Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady, the "Pride Of Palestine," is a 27-year-old male contender hailing from Jordan, and he holds a notable professional MMA record of 15 victories and 3 losses. 

Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady


In his most recent display of prowess, Al-Selwady engaged in combat with Chris Pecero at Fury FC 69 on September 23, 2022. Demonstrating his skill and determination, Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady emerged victorious over Chris Pecero, securing a KO/TKO triumph at precisely 2 minutes and 44 seconds into the first round, competing within the Lightweight division. 

  • Ahmed Sami

Ahmed Sami, who is recognized in the fighting realm as "Lee," stands as a 28-year-old male contender hailing from Egypt, showcasing a commendable professional MMA track record of 10 wins and 2 losses.

Ahmed Sami


His most recent exhibition of prowess unfolded at Levels Fight League 6 on October 2, 2022, where he engaged in a compelling match against Jason Wilnis. Demonstrating his resilience and skill, Ahmed Sami emerged victorious by Decision at the conclusion of a rigorous three-round contest within the Middleweight division. 

  • Hamdy Abdelwahab

Hamdy is a former professional Olympic wrestler from Egypt and is more commonly known as “The Hammer”. He was the first Egyptian ever to be signed by UFC. Before his contract, he had only participated in about 5 MMA fights.

Hamdy Abdelwahab


Hamdy came to the limelight after winning every single of his fights in the heavyweight division by Knockout. He made his debut in the UFC 277 preliminary event, where fans were able to see him performing to the best of his ability.

  • Hashem Arkhaga

Arkhaga is considered the most powerful grappler and, overall, a cerebral fighter. His defense technique, stamina, striking power, and accuracy are unmatched.

Hashem Arkhaga


His match with Ibrahim El Sawi is considered to be among the most important title fights in Middle Eastern MMA history. He went on a seven-year hiatus and returned in 2019, resuming his career with a knockout win against South African fighter Jeremy Smith in less than one minute.

  • Rami Hamed

Rami Hamed is a Lebanese fighter who has competed in various Middle Eastern MMA promotions and in different weight divisions. He has appeared both in Brave CF and Desert Force promotions. He is also a former Titan FC welterweight challenger.

Rami Hamed


At Titan FC 60, he got a unanimous decision win over Frank Carrillo, who is considered a very strong and skilled MMA fighter.

  • Omar Hussein

This well-rounded fighter will show off his slick fighting style and skills in the upcoming UAE Warriors welterweight title. He has competed multiple times in the West Coast Fighting Championship, which has produced various formidable MMA fighters like Josh Emmet, Andre Filli, etc.

Omar Hussein


His only loss was against Max Rohskopf, who recently debuted in UFC. Apart from that, this amazing MMA fighter has held his own very well in most of his bouts.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the most amazing MMA fighters that have come out of the Middle East. These fighters have been able to promote mixed martial arts in this region like never before.

This is the reason why you can see a consistent increase in the number of fans as well as young fighters who wish to be the best MMA professionals in all of the Middle East. 

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